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Sovereign Marine and RV BBQ Mounting Guide

Sovereign provide many different mounting options as well as box setups for RVs.

Marine Applications

Rail Mounting

To mount a BBQ on a rail you’ll need the rail mount clamp with either the front mount or centre mount risers. If you want to mount the BBQ right in the centre, the centre riser pair will allow you to do this. These risers bolt right onto the sides of the BBQ. If you’d rather mount it at either the front or the back, then the front riser pair will allow you to do this. Keep in mind that if you wish to mount one of the larger Alpha sized BBQs this way, you’ll need to support it with the Telescopic rod brace.

Recessed Deck Mounting

This option allows you to mount your BBQ directly in to the deck (recessed deck mount), allowing for a seamless finish. You can use either the front or centre riser pair with this setup as well.

Slot Mount

The base and riser slot mount kit includes both the risers and the base slot mount. This mounting option is designed for a table or any surface that doesn’t have the height required for a recessed mount. 

RV Applications

Pull out Box Kit

The pull out box kits we provide are heavy duty sealed galvanized boxes. They are designed to protect your BBQ during transit. The BBQ can easily detach from the runners should you need to remove it. The runners are designed to enable the BBQ hood to be fully opened for cooking and cleaning.

The kit comes with the runners already assembled, so all you need to do is install the box in your RV and attach the BBQ.The runners are also sold individually, so if you already have your own box or if you’d like to get a box custom made, you can still purchase the appropriate runners.

Optional Door/Hatch

Sovereign offer two different types of doors/hatch (sold separately). Both doors are lockable, but feature different designs. There is the Plastic access door, or the Aluminium access door. Both of these doors are designed for use with the Bravo/Bushman sized BBQs.

The access door for the Alpha/Outback BBQs is a little different. Instead of a complete door, we offer a frame. The idea is to use the piece of the RV cut out for the box as the door, this allows for an almost perfectly seamless finish.

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