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About Our Products – Composite Gas Bottles

Never worry about rusty gas bottles again

Composite gas bottles are the modern alternative to the traditional steel LPG Cylinder, offering an extensive range of advantages. Suitable for a variety of applications, from industrial to home-users and recreational activities. This intelligent cylinder is made from advanced polymeric and composite materials, combining uncompromising safety, quality, design and innovation to the future standard for gas cylinders.


Easily see when it’s time to refill thanks to the high tech translucent construction. There’s no need to rely on inaccurate gauges and guess work. All that’s required is a quick and easy visual check.


The unique composite construction makes these cylinders light and easy to handle. At roughly half the weight of typical steel equivalent LPG cylinders, transporting your composite gas bottle is a breeze!


The economic and environmental cost of refurbishing steel cylinders are often underestimated. Composite gas cylinders do not rust or corrode, resulting in a stain free vehicle, boat, or patio.


Safety is paramount in the LPG industry. Composite cylinders offer an unmatched safety record, with over 9 million cylinders in use by families and businesses worldwide.
For 15 years, these cylinders have withstood diverse weather conditions ranging from -40c to +65c.
These cylinders will withstand twice the burst pressure of their steel counterparts, and as they cannot BLEVE, the risk of explosion in case of fire is eliminated. Extensive testing by independent laboratories and fire authorities have shown that the cylinder involved with fire will react with a controlled burnout.


Currently, Australian Standards require composite LPG cylinders to be retested every 5 years.
Hexagon Ragasco continuously brings back cylinders that have been in the market and subjected to various conditions to their manufacturing plant, where their technical teams perform thorough testing for deterioration, corrosion or deformation. This testing, and the positive results, has been very successful in extending the retesting interval from 5 to 10 years with many markets where the cylinders are in service. This process is ongoing with each new market. Furthermore, Hexagon Ragasco is the only composite cylinder manufacturer to have achieved a 15-year interval for the first inspection of cylinders in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


EN12245:2002 Transportable gas cylinders - Fully wrapped composite cylinders
EN14427:2002 + Appendix 1 Transportable Refillable Fully Wrapped Composite Cylinders for LPG - Design and Construction
ISO1119-3 Gas Cylinders of Composite Construction Specification and Test Methods - Part 3: Fully Wrapped Fibre Reinforced Composite Gas Cylinders with Non-load Sharing Metalic or Non-metalic Liners.
Work Safe Design Registration Number - V1400284

These cylinders are constructed by  Hexagon Ragasco in Norway. You can find more information here on their website.

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