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About Our Products – Marine Sanitation Guide

Sealand Sanitation products are designed to be serviced in every way, allowing the user to service their products and not just replace them.

Sealand products have improved and evolved over many years, with each product being carefully planned to allow new parts fit older pumps saving time and money in the long run.

The Vacuum Generators and the T Pumps (Transfer Pump) share the same Bellows, Motors, Duckbill Valves and O-Ring Kits. All the fittings are 38mm or 1 ½” making your complete sanitation system fit together like Lego.

Regular service and maintenance will help prevent future failure. For example if you keep the valves clean by using the Clean and Green product supplied by Sealand Sanitation this will not only keep the Duckbill Valves in good condition. It will also keep the bowl clean as well as treating the rubber Bowl Seal keeping it soft and malleable. The Clean and Green product will also help de-scale the pipe work.

When the Clean and Green product ends up in the Holding Tank it will deodorise your waste held in the tank, helping the longevity of your Carbon Vent Filter.

Regular cleaning of the Water Valve Kit will help as well. The Water Valve Kit on the side of the toilet allows fresh water into the bowl when flushing. There is a small mesh (Water Filter) in this part, stopping debris from entering the bowl.

Another tip is to keep the ball in the toilet clean, but being careful not to mark it or score it with a toilet brush. If the ball is damaged in anyway, it will not seal neatly in the bowl seal and this will cause a vacuum leak.

Peanut husk, hair etc. will cause the ball to not seal 100% with the bowl seal, and this will allow a vacuum leak. Keeping your toilets and pumps clean will give you trouble free boating.