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About Our Products – Marine Toilets

The simplicity of a marine vacuum toilet is its silver lining.

There is absolutely no smell as the toilet system is held under a vacuum. Water consumption is also kept to a minimum since the waste is taken away via a vacuum, thus not relying on loads of excess water. Typical marine toilet systems can use 3-4 litres per flush, while the Sealand Vacuum toilet will use as little as half a litre (500mls)!

When you are trying to save as much water as possible for drinking, showering etc. this is really important! The more water you flush down the toilet, the more Blackwater you will need to store. With a Sealand vacuum toilet you can carry less fresh water AND have a smaller holding tank to save space in your engine room.

All of the new Sealand holding tanks come with the vacuum generator and holding tank as a kit, with a 12/24V discharge pump, digital gauge and vent filter built on. This makes for an easy yet tidy finish. After screwing down the vacuum holding tank, simply apply DC current and then run a pipe line to the toilet, that's it!

Dometic Sealand have also developed a range of cleaning products to help keep your vacuum toilet and tank in tip top condition. The popular product Clean & Green is perfect for Sealand vacuum toilets. After placing the small measured dose into the bowl, the biodegradable product begins to work by dissolving and releasing an enzyme that softens the bowl seal and the duck bill valves in the vacuum generator as well as cleaning the pipe rim and then deodorising the waste in the holding tank.

Sealand have been building and developing vacuum toilet systems for the marine, caravan and RV industry for almost 60 years. Seabreeze-Industries are proud to be the Australian agents and importers for Sealand sanitation products direct from the Dometic factory in Big Prairie, Ohio USA.