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Sovereign BBQs

Sovereign BBQs are in no doubt the best made BBQs in Australia. Functioning as a 3 in 1 system, your Sovereign BBQ will also serve as a stove top and an Oven (optional accessories are recommended for optimal stove top and oven performance)

The Marine BBQs (Bravo and Alpha range) are made of marine grade 316 stainless steel, but unlike some other inferior BBQs, the plate is constructed of an even higher quality 3CR12 grade stainless steel. This material provides excellent thermal conductivity and longevity. These BBQs have been fully welded during construction, so you will find no folding, sharp edges or pop rivets found like in other brands.

Transporting the BBQ will be no trouble thanks to the lockable lid design. The plate has been well designed to include handles for easy removal as well as a removable fat tray, so cleaning it is no hassle. Even the internal components can be quickly and easily removed for efficient cleaning and servicing. The air intake has been baffled to reduce the chance of gas blowing out in strong winds. This BBQ is truly designed for outdoor use, especially marine conditions.

Fat splatter can be a real concern with marine BBQs. You don’t want strong winds to blow all the fat splatter around. The BBQ plate features an oversized splash back, minimising fat splatter out the rear vent. Additionally there are intelligently designed wind guards on each side of the plate. This will contain the fat splatter when cooking with the lid open.

These BBQs are all AGA tested and certified, feature thermocouple protection (flame failure safety) and the Piezo Ignition system (no need for matches).

Sovereign make their BBQs to a standard, not to a price. You can be confident in the fact that Dometic, a multibillion dollar international company, fully back these BBQs.

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