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Sovereign BBQs Accessories Guide

Sovereign provide many accessories suitable for both Marine and RV BBQs.

Oven Wire

This stainless steel oven wire conveniently allows you to use your Sovereign BBQ with baking trays, saucepans and pots for direct heat usage or oven roasting.

Boaties Fry Pan

This space saving Boaties Fry Pan is to be used with the Oven Wire accessory, and has been intelligently designed to perfectly fit Sovereign BBQs, maximising the available space. These frypans are constructed of heavy-gauge aluminium, giving an even cooking temperature across the whole surface, even at the corners. The inside of the pan contains a double layered high quality Teflon non stick coating.

There is an optional stainless steel lid, especially designed for the Boaties Fry Pan. This lid stops cooking splatter and allows the pan to be used as a stove top casserole. You can find a complete package of the Fry Pan & Lid here

Note: Only 1 Boaties Fry Pan fits in the Bushman/Bravo models.

Boaties Baking Dish

Like the Boaties Fry Pan, the Boaties Baking Dish is also designed to perfectly fit Sovereign BBQs. As demonstrated in the picture, this baking dish perfectly fits the Bushman/Bravo sized BBQs.

The dish is constructed by heavy-gauge aluminium, providing excellent heat transfer and an even cooking temperature across the whole surface right into the corners. The inside of the pan has a high quality double layered Teflon non stick coating finish. The handle easily detaches, allowing you to maximise your available space.

BBQ Cover

The sun is harsh here in Australia, so why not protect your Sovereign BBQ with a BBQ Cover. Available in either Black or Navy, this protective cover will keep your BBQ brand new looking.

Utensil Tray

Need a place to store your utensils in an easy to reach location? Sovereign have you covered with the BBQ Utensil Tray. This removable utensil tray easily attaches to the front of your Sovereign BBQ without the need of any fixings and will stow securely on top of the BBQ plate.

Portable BBQ Stand (suits Marine Alpha/Bravo models only)

These strong and sturdy stands are purpose built to make cooking anywhere possible. The legs fold and lock in position for portability and storage.

90° gas inlet elbow

This 90 degree brass elbow adaptor allows for tight, neat hose connections.

Stainless steel hose & male bayonet

This male bayonet fitting is ideal for various applications such as powerboats, sailboats and RVs.  This accessory allows you to power your BBQ with a gas bottle from a distance provided you have  gas fittings setup around a vessel. 


Stainless steel hose and regulator

This Braided stainless steel hose and regulator reduces gas pressure from high pressure to low pressure. An essential accessory.

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