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Dometic CFX95DZW Review

Although Dometic seem to be fresh in on the Marine and RV industry for portable refrigeration, they are anything but. Some of you may remember Waeco for their portable fridges and freezers. Dometic is now the owner of Waeco and in a effort to focus their brand, now sells all of their products under the Dometic brand. Updated with new features and technology, they are still an excellent fridge for value. The only way to really judge a fridge/freezer is to take it on the road for a month, which we did by taking a Dometic CFX95DZW with us.

The CFX95DZW has several excellent user features. It has a front mounted control panel with LED lights to indicate critical functions and a digital temperature display. There is three level low voltage cut-off feature to prevent the unit from draining your battery. It even has a USB charging port and WiFi to adjust the temperatures from a smartphone instead of pulling out the fridge. The available accessories include an exceptionally well insulated protective cover, a slide to secure it into the back of a vehicle and wireless temperature display.

Inside the two main compartments is a heavy duty wire basket that has an optional divider and a large crisper section over the compressor, unlike most other brands. There is enough depth in the fridge to allow for wine or soft drink bottles to be stores in an upright position. It even has a small interior light that faces away from the user's face, helping to find things at night. The lid can be configured to open from either side by simple detaching it and turning it around, a nice touch to a well thought out design.

The fridge's walls are a good indication of how much insulation there is, which will add to the cooling efficiency and will lower the power usage. Despite its generous interior, the CFX95DZW has clever design features to minimize its exterior dimensions. The sturdy carry handles are spring loaded and fold down to the sides of the fridge when not in use. The handle on the lid doesn’t have any bulky latches and the power cord plugs in at a 90 degree angle to the fridge. The digital control panel is flush mounted so there are no protruding knobs or switches. Threaded inserts in the base of the fridge make it easy to hard mount the fridge into the vehicle.

After the first two weeks of being on the road with the CFX95DZW in the middle of summer, the Dometic was performing well. It was packed to the rim with food and drinks and wrapped in its insulated cover. We had it connected to a battery pack system that it sipped power at a much slower rate than other fridges. Through the tight seal created by the lid design and the extra thick polyurethane insulation throughout the unit, it had an excellent cooling efficiency.

The two compartments of the fridge worked wonderfully throughout the trip. When starting out, we used both sections, one as a freezer, the other as a fridge. The further into our trip we got, the less we needed the freezer so we set both to fridge temperatures. Towards the home stretch of the trip we only needed on of the compartments so we simply turned the other compartment off and just ran the one.

Overall the fridge worked beyond expectations. It has excellent quality of life features and a low power usage, making it excellent for being on the road. Combined with the insulating cover, it is one of the best fridges on the market.

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