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Dometic Iceboxes Review

Dometic have earned a good name in the Icebox industry for good reasons. Their latest Cool-Ice boxes house an impressive thick polyurethane refrigeration grade foam insulation and are carefully designed to have the optimal performance / weight / volume ratio.

These iceboxes boast an intelligent Labyrinth Seal Design. There is a food quality gasket recessed into a channel in the lid. When the lid is closed the adjacent dike in the lid combined with the raised tongue on the box collar creates a highly effective labyrinth seal against external ambient hot air. This keeps the inside cool while stopping the outside heat from getting in!

Some other great features include:

  • Strong, ergonomic polyethylene handles (WCI-42 and up).
  • Integrated tie-down points.
  • Fully integrated hinges with stainless steel rods.
  • Strong ABS latches with stainless steel fixing screws
  • Integrated polyethylene feet & large diameter drain plug.
  • Extremely low heat absorption.
  • Lightweight, hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Strong, seamless, UV stabilized/food grade polyethylene CFC free construction.
  • Largest service network and 5 years Australia wide warranty.

There are 8 different models to choose from, ranging from 13 litres to 111 litres. If you need a large 86 litre icebox but don't want to rely on someone to help you move it, Dometic have you covered! The WCI-85W comes equipped with 2 wheels with a much larger carry handle so you'll have no problem moving it around!

Dometic conducted a test on the Dometic WCI-55 in September 2009 to see how long it could keep ice. The conditions were a 30°c constant temp (in a controlled environment), 30kg Block Ice (6 x 5kg blocks) + 4kg Party Ice. They opened the lid for 1 minute each day and removed the water from melted ice. After 11 days there was still enough ice left for effective use, 1kg of ice remaining after 12 days and has completely disappeared by the 13th day. The published result was 10 days to allow an experimental margin for error.

Realistically you're probably going to be opening it for more than 1 minute per day however, so it really depends on how you use it. Keeping the icebox in the shade and removing melted ice daily goes a long way.

Something to keep in mind is the larger the icebox, the longer it will hold a proportional amount of ice. These iceboxes are incredible and simply cannot be beaten in value for money. There is a reason why Dometic are confident enough to offer a 5 year warranty with their Icebox range!


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