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About Our Products – Waeco Portable Fridges

Dometic Waeco's latest CFX range of compressor portable fridge/freezers have been out for a while now and the feedback has been phenomenal. There are some major quality of life design changes present in the CFX range including fold down handles, a USB charing port, removable and reversible lids, dimmable displays and are WiFi enabled for ease of controls.

These new fridge/freezers have been redesigned with ease of use in mind. The internal baskets are made from a plastic coated steel frame that is welded vertically for an easy slide out function. If you owned an older style Dometic/Waeco portable fridge/freezer and you wanted to remove the basket, you would know exactly what I'm talking about.

The new fold out handle design makes storing the CFX in the back of a vehicle even easier than before! The handles are stronger and have a spring loaded fold back mechanism that will automatically fold back the handle after use.

There are seven different sizes available ranging from 28.2 litres to 100.2 litres. Even the CFX-28 will fit an upright 2 litre bottle of soft drink, the CFX35W model will fit a standard Champagne bottle standing upright, while the rest of the models easily fit a standard Riesling bottle standing upright.

The CFX28, 35, 40, 50 and 65 are available in single zone sizes, meaning that you have a single fridge/freezer compartment and can be used as either a fridge or freezer. Due to popular demand, Waeco has released a Dual Zone models, the CFX95DZW. This allows this model to be used as a fridge AND freezer at the same time.

he unique VMSO Mk2 technology in the CFX range ensures optimal compressor speed according to the set temperature. Building on the first VSMO deployed in the CF range, the VMSO Mk2 provides an even softer start for the compressor. It now takes the compressor turbo speed to a higher RPM than before until the set temperature is reached, after which it drops back to economy mode. For the very cold freezer temperatures, the compressor remains at turbo speed after the soft start. This technology is extremely effective in all weather conditions, especially when it's hot. Benifits include an even faster and more energy efficient cooling with reduced wear on the compressor.

The new CFX APP can be used to monitor and control your CFX remotely from a distance. Exclusive to the Dometic CFX fridge/freezer range∗, it is available to download to your smartphone or tablet. You can control the temperature of the fridge/freezer and each individual compartment for a dual zone models. It can even turn you CFX on or off. With features like battery protection levels, temperature alarms and alerts if you CFX lid is open for more than 3 minutes, the control of your CFX is at your fingertips! Simply download the app and connect it to your phone via WiFi!

To ensure you get the most from your CFX, Dometic offer a range of accessories to maximise functionality and improve efficiency.
The insulated protective covers allows your CFX to take on any challenge. The cover protects from moisture, dust and dirt, sand and water splashes. It also provides effective insulation through the interior lining of aluminium coated polyseter, improving on the efficiency while in the extreme outside temperatures. It is a practical accessory with outside pockets to store small items. The cover fold open for easy access to the fridge, securing with durable velcro pads. With extra features like plastic windows for access to the controls, vents to prevent overheating and cut out sections for the power cables, the CFX cover allows your CFX to take on any outdoor adventure.

With a national service agent infrastructure and resellers setup around Australia, wherever you take your new Waeco you can count on being looked after.

∗Available for all models except the CFX-28

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