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Products » Marine Sanitation » Holding Tanks » 40 HTS-T Holding Tank System

40 HTS-T Holding Tank System

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Boatowners can now realize the benefits of a user-friendly, properly-sized holding tank in virtually any Type III MSD system with this wide selection of SeaLand holding tank systems. Both HTS-T and Basic series use topmounted fittings and diptube discharge plumbing to prevent potential leaks. Multiple discharge outlets eliminate need for complex plumbing and extra discharge line connections 

      Key Benefits
  • HTS-T models include T series discharge pump
  • Corrosion-proof, leak-proof, odor-proof – high-density polyethylene tank construction
  • “Diptube-style” discharge fittings for thorough, leak-proof pump-out
  • All components pre-plumbed, pre-tested
  • Easy to install – no solvent-bond connection required
  • ISO/USCG compliant tanks  





Model Capacity Empty Weight Max. Weight Outlets Vent Filter
10 HTS-T 38L 8.2kg 40.9kg 2 -
28 HTS-T 106L 18kg 118kg 2 included
40 HTS-T 151L 20kg 165kg 2 included





All HTS-T models shown here include SeaLand T-series discharge pump, DTM04 four-level tank monitor system, and TankSaver relief valve.
Available in 12 V and 24 V DC systems.
Specifications subject to change without notice.  

    Discharge Pump* DTM04 Tank Monitor
Electrical  Power draw (avg.) 6 amps/12 V DC 0.15 amp/12 V DC 
    3 amps/24 V DC 0.09 amp/24 V DC 
  Circuit Breaker/fuse 10 amps/12 V DC 1 amp/12 V DC
    5 amps/24V DC 1 amp/24V DC
Inlet Plumbing ID 1.5 in./38 mm sanitation hose
or PVC pipe
Discharge Plumbing ID 1.5 in./38 mm sanitation hose
or PVC pipe
  Horizontal run 30 ft./9.1 m max. to discharge fitting
  Vertical run 6 ft./1.8 m max. to discharge fitting
Vent Hose ID 5/8 in./16 mm sanitation hose

* Requires separate circuit breaker or fuse.
Specifications subject to change without notice. 


Model Height (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
10 HTS-T 635 495 594
28 HTS-T 495 483 762
40 HTS-T 508 533 889


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