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Dometic Cruisair MDTX72 Modular Chiller

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Cruisair MTDX Titan modular chillers use titanium condensers to greatly increase durability and product lifespan. Titanium is unaffected by the punishing combination of saltwater, invasive marine life, and the harsh acids used for routine cleaning of the condensor coil. Titan service life is greatly extended compared to cupronickel systems-the industry standard- which inevitably suffer catastrophic failure from corrosion and erosion in the harsh marine environment.

The MTDX is a modular chiller engineered for installation, flexibility, reliability, maximum performance, and easy accessibility for maintenance and repair.

Flexible hose improves alignment for customer connections, and all seawater connections are reinforced with stainless-stell for added strength. Thermal expansion valves optimize performance over a wide range of conditions, while a hot-gas bypass valve maintains heating performance in cold seawater and helps prevent water freezing in the heat exchanger. With heating performance effective in cold seawater temperatures as low as 3.5 degree's Celcius, the need for separate fossil fuel or electric water heaters is eliminated in most applications.

The MTDX is available in capacities of 24,000 to 120,000 BTU/hr (2 to 10 tons), and you can use multiple modules in any combination to achieve the total desired capacity. Custom frame and water-manifold installation for multiple units are also available. 

Each MTDX unit has two sub-modules. This lets you rotate a sub-module to achieve more convenient water-connection locations or compressor access. The sub-modulese can even be separated for remote mounting when space is limited. Sub-module changes can be handled in the field or special ordered from the factory. 

The MTDX has many built-in protection devices. A wire harness with polarized plug is included for easy electrical connections.

MTDX units are available with several different compressors to suit a variety of power systems, including: 230V/60Hz/1Ph, 220V/50Hz/1Ph, 230V/60Hz/3Ph, 380V/50Hz/3Ph and 460V/60Hz/3Ph. 

Optional Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are available, which eliminate start-up power surge and run the unit at full-capacity 60Hz even with 50Hz input. The VFD requires a 3-phase tempering unit, but can operate on 1- or 3-phase input power.

Key benefits

  • Titanium condenser resists erosion and corrosion
  • Titanium condenser increases durability and product lifespan
  • Modular design for installation flexibility
  • Reverse-cycle heating
  • Scroll compressors standard
  • Larger drain fittings for faster condensate drainage
  • Stainless-steel reinforced seawater connections
  • Flexible hose improves connection alignment
  • Removable seawater manifolds allow cleaning of condenser tubing
  • Integrated loop-water strainer and flow switch
  • Oversized heat exchanges for loop temperatures of 4.4C in cooling and 49C in heating
  • Thermal expansion valve for optimal performance over a range of conditions
  • Hot-gas bypass valve maintains heating performance in cold seawater and helps prevent water freezing in the heat exchanger
  • Engineered to maximize the performance of R-410A, an environmentally safe refrigerant


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