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Products » Marine Air Conditioning » TVE/EBE Evaporators » Dometic Emerald TVE8 TurboVap Evaporator

Dometic Emerald TVE8 TurboVap Evaporator

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The Dometic Emerald TurboVap (TVE) is based on the innovative engineering advancements of the award-winning Dometic Turbo self-contained air conditioning system. Offering easy installation and flexible performance from rotating blowers. TVE units work with Dometic Emerald R-410A condensing units.

The Dometic Emerald TurboVap series split-gas evaporator for boats incorporates innovative design features based on the award-winning Dometic Turbo self-contained air conditioning system. Emerald TurboVaps are easy to install and the enclosed motor means no blower-motor overhang for a compact design. The high-velocity blower can conveniently rotate up to 270 ° with a single adjustment screw, achieving optimum positioning. Since evaporators are usually positioned in or near cabins, noise is always a concern.

The Emerald TurboVap uses a vibration-isolation mounting system to minimise noise, so the evaporator runs more quietly. The fully insulated, high-velocity blowers are also quiet and efficient. Excellent condensate drainage is achieved with a unique positive-flow, anti-slosh, composite drain pan that is rust-free. Condensate water is rapidly removed at one of two easy-to-plumb drain locations.

The Emerald TurboVap Series was designed to operate as a system with the Emerald Condenser Series. Both of these split-system components were engineered to harness and maximise the superior thermodynamic properties of the environmentally safe refrigerant.

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