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Dometic XZ Sea Xchange & Spot Zero

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Dometic Sea Xchange & Spot Zero XZ Series

One compact machine purifies seawater & freshwater - 1800/2200 GDP SX + 2000/3000 GDP SZ

Purify seawater and dock water automatically with a single, compact machine.The XZ is the only system that combines the benefits of an onboard Sea Xchange watermaker (seawater desalinator) and a Spot Zero freshwater reverse-osmosis (RO) purification system for ultra-pure water onboard.

The two purification systems share one frame and one controller. A single unified XZ system reduces space requirements, cuts installation time in half, and reduces the cost of buying two separate systems. One system instead of two also means:

  • Only one power cable and breaker
  • Only one electrical termination
  • Only one networking connection
  • Only one product-to-tank connection
  • Only one overboard plumbing connection

While purifying seawater, the XZ uses a patent-pending double-pass design to produce very highpurity potable water. This is the only system on the market that purifies both seawater and the resulting freshwater with a second RO pass. For example, typical seawater contains about 35,000 parts per million (ppm) of total dissolved solids (TDS) and is converted to freshwater with about 200 ppm TDS on the first pass of the RO treatment—then the double-pass component of the system further purifies the freshwater, typically down to a range of about 15-20 ppm TDS.

While at the dock, the XZ uses only the freshwater portion of the system and takes dock water, typically in the range of 100 to 800 ppm TDS, and purifies it down to a level of approximately 5 to 20 ppm TDS. (As with all reverse-osmosis purification systems, as the membranes mature throughuse, product water TDS levels will gradually increase over time.)

Ultra-purified water makes boat wash downs faster and easier since no water spots are left behind to be wiped off. Dishes, glassware, and bathroom fixtures enjoyo the same spot-free results. Ice is crystal clear and the purified water is ideal fr bathing and drinking.

The XZ is fully automated with little chance of operator error. A single start button on the built-in 7 in/17.78 cm touchscreen, or on a remote display, or on a configured mobile device (if using the Dometic STIIC software system) activates the system which optimizes the pressure and flow settings based on the feed water source the boat is using at any
given time.

The XZ uses condensed filtration, which means you carry fewer spare filters and change them less frequently. A fully integrated sound shield keeps operating noise to a minimum without adding to overall system size or hindering service access.

Key Benefits

  • Purifies dockside water and raw seawater in a single compact machine
  • One-touch fully automatic system with mechanical redundancy
  • 15% less equipment cost and up to 50% less installation cost vs. installing two separate systems
  • Solenoid valve (with mechanical backup) that selects double pass or sends watermaker water directly to vessel's tank is integrated–not installed by OEM
  • All plumbing connections between watermaker and water purifier are integrated–not plumbed by OEM
  • Integrated sound shield reduces noise of high-pressure pump
  • Both seawater and freshwater circuits are flushed simultaneously with only one freshwater supply required
  • Remote operation via Internet and Dometic's embedded Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control (STIIC) software


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