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Products » Marine Sanitation » Sealand Marine Toilets » Sealand 4700 Series VacuFlush Marine Toilet

Sealand 4700 Series VacuFlush Marine Toilet

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All ceramic Toilet with Low-Flush Performance

Upscale style and electronic operation perfectly complement today’s tastes in motor yacht design and convenience. With freshwater flushing, instantaneous evacuation of bowl contents, and thorough rinsing action, VacuFlush 4700 series toilets deliver sparkling clean, odor-free performance.

Using only 0.25 gal. (0.95 liter) per flush in the “normal” mode or 0.125 gal. (0.5 liter) in the “dry bowl” mode, 4700 series toilets greatly extend the use of a holding tank between pump-outs as compared to manual and other electric toilets. In the “dry bowl” mode, water is not added to the toilet after flushing. This prevents splashing water out of the bowl while a boat is underway or in rough seas.

SeaLand VacuFlush 4700 series toilets provide an abundance of features to satisfy diverse owner preferences and boatbuilder requirements. 4700 series toilets come in standard-height units with above-floor or below-floor discharge options. Electronic flushing can be activated by either a residential-style handle or wall-mounted switch. Additional options include a choice of white or bone colors.

4609 - Through the Floor Discharge
4648 - Above the Floor Discharge

Key Benefits

  • Powerful vacuum flush
  • Ultra low-flush water consumption in two modes: "Normal" flush at 1 quart (0.95 liter) or "Dry Bowl" at 1 pint (0.5 liter)
  • Elongated enameled wood seat for comfort and support 
  • Flat-back profile with contemporary style 
  • Service mode allows cleaning or other service without running water
  • For VacuFlush systems (connects to vacuum generator, VHT, or holding tank system)

Please Contact us for availability

Bone available at request - Please contact us for pricing

Technical Specifications
Toilet Technology Vacuflush
Method of Operation Flush Switch/Flush Handle
Height (in) 19.00
Overall Height (mm) 483
Width (in) 14.76
Overall Width (mm) 375
Depth (in) 21.50
Overall Depth (mm) 547
Wall to base front dimension (in) 17.13
Wall to base front dimension (mm) 435
Water supply flow rate (lpm) 7.6
Required Component Vacuum Source
Electrical Flush Switch (for Flush Panel models only)
Input Voltage (V) 12V DC
Circuitbreaker Fuse (A) 5
Weight (lbs) 62.2
Empty Tank Product Weight (kg) 28.3

Download Parts Breakdown

4709 (Hand Flush) Series VacuFlush Toilet Parts Breakdown
4709 (Wall Switch) Series VacuFlush Toilet Parts Breakdown
4748 (Wall Switch) Series VacuFlush Toilet Parts Breakdown


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