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Products » Refrigeration » Upright Compressor Fridges » WAECO CoolMatic CRX110 Fridge Freezer Cabinet

WAECO CoolMatic CRX110 Fridge Freezer Cabinet

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WAECO CoolMatic CR built-in refrigerators combine the best of both worlds - timeless elegance and innovative features for extra comfort and convenience.

  • Stylish interior design in Cool-Blue, enhanced by interior lighting.
  • Separate, insulated freezer compartment.
  • Automatic defrosting of the refrigeration compartment.
  • For extra convenience: egg compartment, baskets, shelves, bottle holder.
  • Double lock system (top bottom).
  • Integrated evaporator, fitted separately for full utilisation of cooling and freezing capacity.
  • Standard or flush-mount installation frame available.

Note: The ideal ambient temperature range for this fridge is 18c to 43c. 

Dimensions W520 x H745 x D558 mm (including door)

Built in Dimensions:
W524 x H745 x D505 mm (standard frame)
W546 x H747 x D553 mm (flush frame)
Weight 28 kg
Capacity 108 litres
10.2 litres freezer
Power 2.2 Ah/h at 25 °C
2.5 Ah/h at 32 °C
both at 5 °C food, -18 °C freezer temp.
Voltage 12 / 24 volts DC and 100-240 volts AC
Temperature Range +5 °C - Fridge
-18 °C - Freezer
Warranty 3 years warranty on everything
+ 2 years extended warranty available via Dometic care
Other System:
Fully hermetic Secop (formerly Danfoss) BD35F compressor with integrated control electronics, low-voltage protection, electronic fuse/automatic reverse pole protection, mechanic, continuously variable thermostat, dynamically ventilated wire condenser, integrated evaporator, fitted separately for full utilisation of cooling and freezing capacity.

Fittings: stainless steel
Interior: plastic.
Door frame: plastic.
Door panel: vinyl coated steel.
Body: coated metal frame.

Body and door frame: silver.
Door panel: brushed stainless steel appearance.
Accessories Available CR-110-EST Mounting Frame
CR-110-EFM Mounting Frame

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Click here to download the CR series manual


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