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Products » Fridges » Custom 12/24V Refrigeration » WAECO VD-06 Energy Accumulator

WAECO VD-06 Energy Accumulator

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Waeco VD-06 - Energy Accumulator

Stainless steel energy accumulator with integrated high performance lamellar evaporator, self-sealing valve couplings, continously variable by means of electronic TEC controller.

Dimensions A - W380 x H300 x D62 mm
B - W86 x H170 x D45 mm  
Dimensions 5Kg approx.  
Capacity Cooling Capacity.
200 Litres max. with insulation of 50mm PU. 250 Litres max. with insulation of 100mm PU  
Power Discharging time
8 to 18 hours (without compressor operation)
Voltage 80 Watts power input
Warranty 1 year warranty on everything 
Other Thermostat controller operation
Charging Time: Approx. 1.5 hours
Green LED: the compressor is in operation
Yellow LED: the voltage exceeds 12.8 or 25.6 Volts. External voltage supply is activated; battery and energy accumulator are being charged
Red LED: the cold accumulator is activated. This is done either manually or automatically as soon as the voltage falls bellow a level of 10.7 or 21.4 Volts.
Switch button: for manual discharge of the cold accumulator
Temperature controller: for continuos temperature regulation when the kompressor is in operation. The temperature controller cannot be used in the accumulator mode
Main switch: cuts off the power supply for the whole system. The energy accumulator discharges without indication by the red LED  
Compatible With CU94 Compressor/Condenser
CU95 Compressor/Condenser
CU97 Compressor/Condenser
CU96 Compressor/Condenser
Air Exhaust Hood

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