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Products » Fridges » Portable Fridges » Waeco CFX75DZW Portable Fridge / Freezer

Waeco CFX75DZW Portable Fridge / Freezer

Price: $1,649.00

On Sale: $1,499.00


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Waeco CFX75DZW portable fridge & freezer. Dual compartment with WiFi app. Compressor refrigerator with the latest CFX VSMO2 electronics. 

If you want to store fresh food and bottled drinks this fridge and freezer will satisfy all your needs. The Dometic Waeco CFX 75DZW with its two temperature zones makes simultaneous cooling and freezing possible. This high-tech compressor fridge and freezer is impressively efficient, quiet and built to withstand the most demanding of loads; yet is also remarkably lightweight and easy to transport. Separate compartments for cooling and freezing down to –22 °C. You can even change settings via an app!

The Dometic CoolFreeze CFX has some seriously impressive features. Firstly, there’s the CFX Special Electronics which include an intelligent automatic turbo cooler and memory function. Then not only is it suitable for deep freezing down to –22 °C but it can also operate on solar power. Plus, regardless of the outside temperature, this cooler will provide a first class, superbly quiet cooling performance. You can take this amazing cooler and freezer wherever you go! Fitted with heavy-duty details like reinforced corners, stainless steel hinges and a robust lid lining, the hi tech coolers in the CFX series can withstand the most demanding of loads

The new WAECO CFX fridge/freezer range is the result of many years of research and product development. After gaining an understanding of the Australian leisure market, Waeco have taken your feedback into account to develop a fridge that is tough enough to endure the harshest Australian environments. If it will perform there, it will perform anywhere and in any situation.

WAECO CFX provides extreme cooling performance and energy efficiency. All eight models have generous internal capacities, combined with substantial insulation thickness all round - lid, sides and bottom. They are equipped with rugged features like strong latches, hinges, drop down handles and innovative technology such as the new genuine WAECO compressor and upgraded VMSO (Variable Motor Speed Optimisation).

So whether you use it for 4WDriving, camping, fishing, for extended holidays enjoying this vast country, or just for a day trip - with WAECO CFX, you can go anywhere!

Fully hermetic WAECO compressors with integrated control electronics

  • Low voltage protection adjustable for leisure and starter battery via electronic system
  • Electronic fuse/automatic reverse pole protection
  • Dynamically ventilated condenser
  • Aluminium rollbond evaporator

Unbeatable range of quality features

  • Large gross capacity of 75L (45L and 30L compartments)
  • Store fresh food and drinks effortlessly with three removable wire baskets and space to fit up to 113 cans and ability to fit upright Riesling bottles
  • Two separate compartments for cooling and freezing in any combination desired to be set - freezer/freezer, freezer/fridge or fridge/fridge
  • Easy-to-use Wi-Fi app to help set, control and monitor temperatures in each compartment from a mobile device
  • Both lids are completely separate, detachable and reversible for functional use
  • Both compartments can be set between 10 °C to –22 °C, with the ability to run at –18 °C simultaneously at ambient temps up to 32 °C
  • Energy efficient compressor technology provides fast and efficient cooling and freezing, even in extremely high outside temperatures
  • Interior light
  • CFX VMSO2 electronics with soft start and turbo cooler
  • USB port
  • Dimmable display
  • 4 point M6 nutserts in base
Scope of Delivery
What's included? Waeco CFX75DZW Dual Zone (DZ)
12/24V DC Ciggarette Cable
240V AC Cable

Optional Insulating Protective cover (+$100.00)
RRP $1649
Configuration Separate compartments independently controlled as fridge or freezer
Gross Capacity 75 litres total (45 / 30 litre compartments)
Voltage 12/24 volts DC and 100 – 240 volts AC
Power input (AC230V) Approx. 70 watts (@230V AC, +3°C/-15°C interior, 32°C ambient)
USB charging outlet 5 V / 500 mA rating
Power consumption (DC 12V) Average current draw x running time. Average 1.25 Ah/h (@12V, +5 °C interior - both compartments, 32°C ambient temperature)
Temperature range  +10°C to -22°C in both compartments
i) temps below -18°C not recommended or necessary for normal use,
ii) both compartments can run at -18°C simulteneously at ambient temps up to 32°C)
Insulation CFC-free PU foam, substantial thickness on lid, bottom & sides
System Fully hermetic WAECO ACV25DC compressor
2 x aluminium rollbond evaporators with independent control electronics and displays
3-level low voltage protection
Electronic fuse/automatic reverse polarity protection
WiFi transmitter
Dynamically ventilated fin/tube condenser
Material Lids: polypropylene
Cabinet: ABS & painted zinc steel
Handle ends: Glass filled nylon
Handle rod: Powder coated steel
Hinges: Die cast stainless steel
All screws stainless steel
Colour Body: dark grey steel with light grey ABS base & top collar, Lids: dark grey
Weight 31 kg
Dimensions W887* x H472 x D495mm (*includes handles)
Quality Features Detachable and reversible lids, interior lights with lid open alarm, USB port, 4 point M6 nutserts in base, WiFi enabled, spring-loaded handles.
Scope of delivery Fridge & freezer with separate compartments and lids, DC & AC connection cables, three removable wire baskets
Warranty 3 year full warranty + additional 2 year (parts only) on compressor

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CFX75DZW Instruction Manual
CFX75DZW Line Drawing


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